Moving Music Education Forward

We believe in using technology to move music education forward. With Tonara Studio, our all-in-one

music practice platform, music teachers can engage, enrich, and manage their students. With Tonara Connect

music students and teachers can find each other, helping to make music education more accessible worldwide.

Tonara Connect - The Very Best Music Teachers

Whether you are just starting out or looking to revisit an instrument, learn from some of the best music teachers in the world. Find the right teacher for your learning needs in our global marketplace.

Tonara Studio - Manage Your Music Lessons Studio

Referred to as a “game changer” for music teachers, Studio has everything you need to engage and motivate your students.

With Tonara, Teachers Can:

Create Smart Assignments

Send your students assignments with compare recordings, videos, voice notes, and written notes.

Track Progress

Track your students’ weekly, monthly, and yearly progress. Set goals and watch your students.

Motivate Practice

Tonara’s music practice app hears your students play and gives personal and real-time feedback!

Stay Connected

With one-on-one and group messaging available, you can keep your students updated and engaged.

Students Gain:

Engaging Lessons

Live online music lessons with Tonara Studio are now available making it easy to start your lessons.


With our chat features, you can stay in touch with your teacher and fellow musicians.


Earn points and climb the leaderboard as you practice and keep track of your own progress.

Real-time Feedback

Our patented AI technology knows how you are playing and can give you feedback.


  • Satoshi Kanazawa Arioso Music Studio

    "Tonara fits with the times and is now the best music practice management app. Not only does it allow for organizing practice schedules and assignments their teacher gives, the app also motivates students to practice their instrument(s) with various ways. "  

  • Yulia Helm Gaston Piano Studio

    "Tonara is twofold - on one hand, I love the ability to peek into my students’ practice time-frequency, consistency, and progress! On the other hand, a lot of my students are being pushed to new practice heights just by a friendly competition."

  • Fernanda Machado Piano Class PRO

    "Including Tonara in my studio was a game-changer for many of my students. It allows my students to keep track of their practice and lets me include audio references for those practices to make it more clear of what to practice."

  • Leandra Mcphatter Leandra's Music Studio

    "We’ve been using it for about 6 months. Our kids are ADDICTED to the leaderboard. Their practice has definitely improved since using the app."

  • Ignacy Gaydamovich Gaydamovich Music Studio

    "I can’t stress enough how this app helps to teach, learn, and keep my studios organized! Thanks, Tonara!"

  • Percy Reddy Private and Public Teacher

    "Wanted to say a big thank you to Tonara Apps for creating this app to take on all our ideas and troubleshooting problems. Thank you for not giving up and challenging the status quo to improve student practice and student learning!"

Best Tool For Schools 2020

Tonara is the proud recipient of the "Best Tools For Schools" award, presented by SBO Magazine at the annual NAMM show. This achievement is a reflection of all we do to empower music teachers and engage music students.

Don’t Miss a Beat

Helping Your Music Students Feel Connected

By Nicole Douglas

Music is about connection. Connecting with the composer. Connecting with the instrument. Connecting our experience with the past. And at the heart of it all, our music teachers are the people who help us discover these connections...