Moving Music Education Forward

Tonara is a music education company looking to harness the power of technology to move music education forward. Tonara Studio, our flagship app and platform motivates music students to practice and enables their teachers to track practice sessions and keep them engaged in between lessons. Tonara Connect, our music education marketplace, makes it easier for students to find the right teacher for their learning needs, and for teachers to promote their online and local music lesson studios.

Our team is made up of teachers, marketeers, engineers, designers, and thought leaders dedicated to improving music education for all. If you would like to learn more about Tonara and how you can join in fulfilling our mission, contact us at or reach out to us via our contact page.

Tonara in the Press:

  • Jessica Peresta, The Domestic Musician

    “I’ve been a private piano instructor and a classroom music teacher and one of the best ways to keep students practicing is with motivation. Kids love incentives and rewards, and with Tonara, they get both.”

  • Elisa Janson Jones Music Ed Mentor

    “Tonara takes gamification to the next-level by offering rewards to students as they practice. As they play, the app listens and provides feedback. As a teacher, Tonara gives you the ability to create those assignments, develop lessons, and track student progress. There’s even a chat feature so you can send encouraging messages, videos, and even stickers to your students.”

  • Leila Viss, 88 Piano Keys

    “Tonara is a huge retention tool and has literally saved my studio during Covid by providing a professional-looking, structured framework for our students which allows parents to be more connected and invested in their students’ musical education.”