How to Find Your Vocal Range

how to find your vocal range

The vocal range is one of several voice qualities that vocal teachers use to determine voice type. It refers to the full scope of pitches a given singer can produce, from the lowest to the highest. Other important voice qualities to consider are:  Vocal tessitura (tehs-sih-’too-rah): the area of the vocal range most comfortable for […]

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Benefits of Music Therapy

benefits of music therapy

Music is a huge part of everyday life for most people. Some are casual listeners, others live and breathe through it, but the fact is that it’s meant to help people relax, grow, and enjoy themselves in the purest way possible. Even though it can help us through our hardships without us giving it too […]

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The History of Moonlight Sonata

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Western Classical music era, which was between 1730 and 1820, was characterized by a distinctive music style, with a touch of romance and an aesthetic attitude, despite the politics in that era. The most common form of music was the Sonata. Its structural pattern formed a basis for most classical instrumental music. Ludwig Van Beethoven, […]

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Embrace the Experience

By Lou Ann Pope, Tonara Creative Education Specialist One of my favorite radio shows is John Tesh’s Intelligence for Your Life. I have learned so many interesting tidbits, but the best piece of advice is “Don’t buy your children things; give them experiences.” So started the first of many trips with my three children. Instead […]

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Musical Melody: Making it Memorable

music melody

By Marilyn Floyd “Music melody is the part of a song that you can sing,”  - Marilyn Floyd I tell my music composition students. Melody is the part of the song that everyone knows and remembers. Three parameters -melody, harmony, and rhythm - make music out of a collection of sounds and beat. Melodies are the easiest […]

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