Embrace the Experience

By Lou Ann Pope, Tonara Creative Education Specialist One of my favorite radio shows is John Tesh’s Intelligence for Your Life. I have learned so many interesting tidbits, but the best piece of advice is “Don’t buy your children things; give them experiences.” So started the first of many trips with my three children. Instead […]

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Musical Melody: Making it Memorable

music melody

By Marilyn Floyd “Music melody is the part of a song that you can sing,”  - Marilyn Floyd I tell my music composition students. Melody is the part of the song that everyone knows and remembers. Three parameters -melody, harmony, and rhythm - make music out of a collection of sounds and beat. Melodies are the easiest […]

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Creating the Perfect Virtual Recital

As we approach the recital season, it is time for music teachers to begin planning the virtual recital. With online music lessons here to stay (even once things return to “normal”), managing a successful virtual recital will provide an important addition to your studio, provide students a goal for practicing and lessons, and offer a […]

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Piano Hands Should Be Flexible Hands

Whether a beginner or an advanced player, a pianist should always work at keeping their hands healthy. Human hands (wrists, palms, and fingers) are made of 27 bones, 27 joints, 34 muscles, over 100 ligaments and tendons, and multiple blood vessels and nerves. Since we use our hands constantly every day, we tend to take […]

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What Type of Violin Should I Get?

type of violin

By: Maya Lorenzen The violin; A 4-stringed instrument that, when played skillfully, can do anything from making you cry to making you feel like dancing. It fits like a glove into large symphony orchestras as well as anything from indy to metal bands and is played by so many people around the world. Its versatility is just […]

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True Grit

By Marilyn Floyd Do you ever wonder why some students seem to have rhythm while others struggle? As teachers, it's easy to see who has a natural aptitude and who doesn't. Humans are born with certain talents, and these remain fairly stable throughout our lives.  They have little to do with knowledge, experience, culture, or […]

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