5 Benefits for Teaching Online Lessons

animation with woman showing music sign

By Jennifer Foxx of Music Educator Resources

Teaching online lessons can be a little scary as there are some things that could go wrong. However, there is so much more that can go right! I wanted to share some benefits that I have found as I have taught online lessons over the years.

1. Location Doesn’t Matter

Because the location doesn’t matter, teaching online lessons can open up lots of possibilities! One of your students moving? You can continue teaching them! Do you have to move? Offer online lessons! Is a student sick or the parent can’t bring them? Do an online lesson! Which brings me to another benefit of why the location doesn’t matter…

2. Income

Because you can teach students in other time zones, you can teach students earlier in the day when you can’t normally teach students in your area. It also doesn’t affect your income when students need to miss.

3. Win-Win Solution

Online is great when the student is going to be home but just can’t attend the lesson in person. They might be sick but well enough to Skype, or maybe the car is in the shop and they just have no way to get there. There is no reason to do make-ups anymore! Win-Win!!!

4. Learning

There are many student benefits that you may not have thought of if you have never done an online lesson before. You will find that students are more focused during an online lesson if you can believe it! Why? Because they really need to listen carefully and watch more. They are learning independent skills as they have to be prepared with their materials, they need to take initiative and write their own notes in the music, etc…PLUS, it’s easy for students to practice and apply what they learned immediately after the lesson. Isn’t that the ideal time to practice? Now there is no excuse as they are already there with their instrument!

5. Less Policy Stress

One of the biggest policy stresses for teachers is getting paid on time. When teaching an online lesson, this is easily solved. Not paid yet? No logging in for that lesson! They can quickly go online, pay and then there is still time to connect and have a lesson!

Online lessons are not as scary as you might think. The key is to keep things simple and just go for it! If you would like some guidance in getting started or some tips for keeping it simple, I’d like to invite you to enroll in my mini-course, Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online and Video Lessons.

(This article first appeared on July 15, 2019, on MusicEducatorResources blog. Reposted with permission.)