Mid-Year Practice Boost

mid year practice boost

By Jennifer Foxx The holidays have come and gone and the school year is now half over, winter blues may even be setting in which means it’s time for a mid-year practice boost! Last year, I mentioned that I did a spring semester kickoff for the first time. A semester kickoff is the very first lesson back […]

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Musical Harmony: Taking a Deep Dive

Have you listened to music and thought to yourself, “That sounds really good"? Not because it was a one-note being played or sung (although non-harmonized music can sound good too) but because of the different voices or notes played together.  Musical harmony not only makes the music sound pleasant, but it also stirs up emotions […]

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8 Tips for Teachers to Avoid Burnout

stay positive

By Alison Chiang 2020 has been a tough year for everyone around. The shift to online teaching is particularly challenging for musicians, and both teachers and students have had to adjust to new challenges as we navigate this new norm. While working from home does have its advantages (family time, no need for traveling, more […]

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How to Deal with Sore Guitar Fingers

sore guitar fingers

It seems that after all these decades, the guitar still remains one of the most popular instruments. Hordes of music enthusiasts of all ages flock to music stores to buy acoustic or electric guitars. But right after learning their first chords, beginner guitarists immediately realize that they have to deal with sore guitar fingers. And […]

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