Benefits of Learning the Piano as an Adult

learning piano as an adult

Learning how to play an instrument is always useful for so many reasons. Of course, the main one is that you'll be able to perform music that you love and possibly even learn how to write and arrange your own pieces. However, it seems that things get a bit more complicated to learn as you grow older. Although far from an impossible task, learning how to play an instrument as an adult comes with its own challenges. On the other hand, it also has its benefits, especially if we're talking about piano, which can be used in plenty of different genres. In this guide, we'll be addressing the realities of learning piano as an adult and what benefits can come from it.

But although it may be a bit challenging, don't worry – there are always methods on how you can go about it. Aside from the benefits, we'll be exploring some of the challenges you might stumble upon when learning to perform, and possibly write, music as an adult.

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Learning Piano as an Adult: What Are the Benefits?

You're Stimulating Your Brain

So let's start things off with arguably the most beneficial thing that comes with learning how to play the piano. Although it's likely much easier to learn it at a younger age, getting into an instrument as an adult can stimulate your brain in so many ways. Your neuroplasticity can see some significant improvements, meaning that your brain starts making new connections and "remapping" the old patterns. Not to get too much into all the science of your brain, this offers you a new way to improve how it works.

Performing or writing music is a set of pretty demanding cognitive and neural challenges. This is especially the case with an instrument like a piano, which requires left and right-hand coordination, all while looking at the keys and patterns, and keeping the required tempo and different rhythmic patterns. So you can only imagine all the wonderful "chaos" that goes on in your brain when you start learning and practicing it.


Additionally, aside from new neural connections formed in your brain, you'll also practice concentration as well as your ability to memorize new things. After all, there are so many chords, scales, and different fingering patterns that you'll have to learn. And it's not only in the visual sense, as you'll remember different interval patterns. And just imagine how it engages your brain when you want to memorize an entire musical piece or even an entire repertoire of songs.

These benefits have two important practical values. Firstly, you'll be able to advance as a professional as you'll train your brain to memorize things more efficiently. Secondly, it will help you stimulate your brain as you grow older, even significantly reducing risks of Alzheimer's and other potential problems that can occur at an older age.

There's also an emotional and perceptive aspect of it all. It's not uncommon for musicians to be not only more perceptive but also way more outgoing and accessible in communication with other people. So learning piano as an adult is definitely worth it!

It Can Help You Decrease Stress Levels

When you learn the piano or any other instrument, it opens up a new way to channel your negative emotions and ultimately control your stress, or even get rid of it entirely. Learning piano as an adult has some advantages. Kids are usually relieved of all the stress that comes with adulthood and they might not notice this particular benefit, even when they grow older. But learning piano as an adult can be beneficial for this particular issue. Even simple piano lessons for beginner adults can help you deal with stress.

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It's a Great Outlet for Artistic Expression

You can always look at music as a form of communication, no matter the instrument that you're into. We all feel certain emotions, both positive and negative. But quite often, words aren't enough to help us let them all out in a healthy way.

Being such a versatile and "open" instrument, the piano allows you to express yourself in so many different ways. Sure, it might take some time to get to that point where you can actually communicate them through music. But once you do, there's nothing that can stop you from expressing yourself through such a creative and artistic outlet. And we all know how important it is to express your feelings and not let them pile up inside.

Practicing an Instrument Makes You More Responsible

Even if you're learning piano as an adult, it can always help you become more responsible. If you're really into it, you'll care about meeting all the deadlines and practicing all the important stuff. So even one simple piano lesson for adult music lovers can get you started on this. And let's not forget that what you learn during your time on the piano will ALWAYS be carried over to your daily life.

You Can Play Many Different Musical Styles

While all instruments are great in their own way, piano opens up many possibilities in plenty of different musical styles. Learning piano as an adult is probably the best way to go if you're into music but don't know where to start. Anything from classical, over blues, and up to heavy metal, you'll be able to cover whatever genre you like.

You'll Become a More Versatile Person

While it might seem far-fetched to some, learning to play an instrument actually makes you much more versatile as a person, both directly and indirectly. The direct benefit to this is that you'll know how to play an instrument, which is a great trait on its own. An indirect benefit is that there's a high chance that you'll be much more interested in learning about other new things, even outside of music. In this case, the piano will be an important catalyst that will assist you in expanding your views and becoming an all-around awesome person! We hope this guide was useful to you, stay safe and have a good one!

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