Best Online Piano Lesson Opportunities for You in 2020

Best online piano lesson solution

It’s only been a few months into 2020, and it’s already been a crazy year! And although a lot has been put on hold for the last few months and there’s a new normal that’s been implemented for all of us, we need to remember that music will never be put on hold. To help you through this, we want to share the best online piano lesson opportunities for this year that you should consider! 

No matter if you were learning an instrument in school, taking private lessons, or starting to think of taking lessons, we’ll share with you the best online piano opportunities that are just waiting for you! No matter if you’re looking for a live teacher to give lessons via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts we’ll have some options for you. Or maybe you want some pre-recorded material that you can access at any time, no to worry, because we’ll also share the top online piano lesson options for that as well! 

Top Online Music Lessons: Live Lessons with Teachers

Holding live lessons online is a great solution if you’re in a remote area and have no available piano teachers nearby, aren’t able to travel or it’s too expensive to constantly travel, or any other reason that might be applicable. The best solution for this would be to hold online piano lessons with live teachers! With this option, your teacher can be in the comfort of their own home and you in yours. Plus with online lessons, your teacher might be from a domestic location or possibly international. But the beauty with this is that travel and time is no longer a concern for you nor the teacher. 

Here are three options for the best online piano lessons teachers that can you out on your piano journey!

Patricia Moore

Sage Piano Studio, owned by Patricia Moore, offers in-person lessons at her studio as well as online lessons. She has 26 years of experience and teaches students of all ages, from toddlers to adults, and beginner to intermediate piano levels. In addition, Patricia focuses on teaching piano and theory, but doesn’t stop there! Each lesson is tailored to the student’s age, ability, and desires - whether they’re looking to learn the piano as a hobby, pass exams, learn theory, or more! If you’re looking for more information about Patricia and what she has to offer, you can check out her Tonara Connect profile and get in touch with her!

Amber Danielson

The Imaginative Music School, owned and operated by Amber Danielson, is another top online piano lesson option for your next session or your first one! Amber also tailors every lesson to each individual student and their needs and desires. In addition to piano lessons, the Imaginative Music School also offers lessons for ukulele and guitar. You can get in touch with Amber and learn more about who she is as a teacher and what she has to offer you by contacting her via her profile on Tonara Connect.  


Malena Rachelle

Malena’s Music and More, owner and founder by Malena Rachelle, is an all in one music school that offers piano and a variety of other instruments for lessons. With lessons available for all ages and all levels, you’ll be certain to find what you need with Malena and her teachers. All their lessons are focused on technique and music theory, plus more! To learn more about Malena and check her availability you can head over to her profile on Tonara Connect and get in touch with her directly to see if she’s the best online piano lesson option for you.

No matter which teacher you select, remember that narrowing down the top online piano lesson options is the best route to take so you can look through all the options, and select the best teacher. Even though lessons are online, every lesson is focusing on the student and your desires and needs. Remember that with live online lessons, you can get real-time feedback from your teacher whenever you do something wrong or something right. You’re interacting with your teacher on the spot and getting a more focused lesson allowing you to progress in your training with the method that works best for you. 

young girl at piano showing best online piano lesson opportunity

Top Online Music Lessons: Pre-Recorded Content

If you’re a person who doesn’t always have time to hold live lessons with a teacher, maybe looking for pre-recorded materials is a better option for you. With these options, you get to have all the lessons at once at your fingertips. Access the next lesson whenever you’re ready and keep moving forward with your playing. Plus you can always go back and watch previous videos and lessons if you want to go over some old material for a refresher. 

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy offers online piano lessons through a handful of pre-recorded videos and materials which allow students to learn and practice on their own time without having to feel held down. Joseph Hoffman, the founder, creator, and educator for these online piano lessons has created a curriculum that revolves around watching his videos, practicing the piano on your own at home, and more (if you subscribe to the premium membership). Students learn based on the Hoffman Method which involves building a music foundation of listening by ear and then grows to solfege, dictation, composition, improvisation, sight-reading, music theory, and more. 


Pianote, similar to the Hoffman Academy, also offers pre-recorded videos and lessons as a top online piano lesson option. The system works with guided lessons no matter what level you’re at, whether it’s your first time at the piano, you’re continuing your practice, or you’re giving it another go. They offer 10 levels with 10 videos per each level and a weekly live lesson where they answer all your questions during that session. With Pianote, you have full access to all the resources they offer including a variety of songs, PDFS, and more than that can be downloaded and used later on. You are able to practice along with the videos, but remember that it’s with a pre-recorded video and not a live teacher always at that moment. 

Piano in 21 days

Piano in 21 days is similar to Hoffman Academy and Pianote but a bit different. Unlike the other two, you’ll be learning to play the piano in 21 days. Jacques Hopkins has created this program that helps teach you to play within that time frame and includes the fastest way to learn the piano, how learning the piano can take a few weeks rather than months or years, how learning new songs can be quick and easy, and more. 

It’s important to remember that with this option, lessons might not always be structured for your individual needs compared to working with a live teacher for online piano lessons. But you do always have the option to speak with one of the instructors directly to get questions answered and get feedback on your playing!

What’s the Best Online Piano Lesson Option for You?

There are clear differences between both options. Whether you choose to study with a live teacher for online piano lessons or with a teacher who creates pre-recorded materials it’s important to choose the best online piano lesson option for you. You know yourself best and how you learn so it’s always best to weigh out all the pros and cons of each option.