Holiday Bingo with Tonara!

by Lou Ann Pope & Nicole Douglas, Creative Education Specialists


Want to engage your students during the holiday season in a fun new way? Check out the newest addition to the Tonara’s Examples section of the Repertoire area on the teacher’s desktop platform.

(You can right-click the image to save it to your computer.)

It can be easy to forget to practice when taking a break from lessons. Imagine this, though--Tom has challenged his entire 25-student studio to play Holiday Bingo. If good-natured competition is a good fit for the studio, he might ask each student to see how quickly they could complete all the tasks in one row or column, and then tell them to shout “Bingo!” in the studio group chat on the Tonara app. If cooperative gaming is more fitting, he might assign each student a square or let them choose a square, and then encourage them to post their task in the Tonara group chat. Studiomates will be cheering for each other hoping to finish the entire bingo card before lessons resume! And with Tonara’s recent addition of video support, students can easily share their creative practice videos with the whole studio. 

What other ways can you think of to engage your students over the break using Tonara?