How Music Can Help Your Child Feel Connected With Others

young boys talking with each other through can

One of the best ways to help your child connect with others and their emotions is through music. Music can serve as a wonderful outlet for a child to express themselves through joy or pain, and also help children make lifelong connections to others through music.  

Connecting Music with Technology 

In our society today, there are many ways to find music online. By allowing your child to download a song or music video that they like, with supervision, can help them feel more connected to music through the use of technology. Having your child dance to their favorite song on YouTube can help them express themselves through music by using this technology. Even with the use of electronic toys, toy microphones can record a child singing a song and play this back to them.  

Some sources online that can be found on YouTube even have relaxation music for kids to help children feel happy and improve their mood. Calming stories are also online tools that can provide a great resource to help with children who cannot fall asleep. Other online tools like The Singing Walrus can help make educational connections for young children along with music.  

How Music Can Help Your Kids Study 

Some research shows that music can help improve memory and focus while studying. It has to be the right blend of music to help a child focus on their studying. Music that is too boring or loud and obnoxious may not necessarily help a child focus, but music that is more unpredictable with the right mix of rhythm and sound can help regain this focus and improve memory.  

Studying in silence is not always the solution for kids, but rather, using music to help focus the other distractions and attention can strongly improve the attention and focus on what is being studied. The volume should also be played reasonably, not too loud or too soft. Having your child choose their favorite music can also be more beneficial in helping them study and focus.  

Feeling That Connection With Others 

Some research has shown that performing music together with singing, dancing, and playing a musical instrument like a guitar can help lead to more positive emotion, where people feel closer to each other, partially because of more endorphins releasing in the brain. Music has also been found to regulate mood and cravings, because of dopamine release. Having this movement through music can increase our sense of belonging and connecting with others. If you take your child to a concert or social event, you can feel connected to others around you and bond because of the music. So whether it’s using technology, playing music to study, or performing music, there are many ways that can help your child feel connected to music.  

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Rebecca is a regular writer on themes related to music and learning musical instruments as a child. She has been playing the guitar and piano since she was a child and still loves to practice and jam whenever she gets the chance.