How to Get More Music Students: 6 Tips

get more music students

You've been doing an amazing job at keeping your music studio alive and thriving, but what about growing? Yes, growing. Your teaching studio does NOT need to close down because of quarantine! In fact, this might be a good opportunity to grow, because children are finding music practice to be a source of comfort and productivity. You might be asking yourself how do I even do that at a time like this? How do I get more music students? There are a few ways to find more music students (even in a time like this) and we're here to guide you on what may feel like a daunting task.

As a music teacher, you have a vital role to play in your student’s lives and as you continue to work with students online, you may find some organic ways to add to your studio. You can find students often from relatives who are visiting your students and who never realized that you could teach online. You can continue to promote your music studio as a business owner while maintaining a close relationship with your students and their families.

Here are some tips on how to get more music students:

1. Word of Mouth Recruits New Students

Word of mouth is, still, one of the most powerful recruiting tools for any small business. The ripple effect created by your students talking to their friends, who then become interested in lessons, can build your business exponentially. 

But, word of mouth can also come from you! When you decided to open a studio, you probably told all of your friends and relatives. So, make business cards and have them ready to hand out to your circle of contacts. Make sure they have enough business cards to give their friends. 

2. Local School Contacts

Each state is different, but you may find that local schools in your area have openings for music teachers. Some states prefer to hire certified teachers, but even in those areas, you will find campuses that want to start a piano lab. 

Charter schools are another excellent opportunity for you to make a living teaching music. Music lessons have powerful effects on cognitive learning in other fields. Put together a presentation that explains the benefits of music education and show how you can fulfill these needs. Contact charter schools and try to set up interviews. They may hire you as staff, or they may be willing to hire you as an independent contractor. 

3. Social Media Visibility

Believe it or not, social media is STILL an excellent way to build brand recognition. When a stranger hears about your studio, the first thing he or she will do is look for your website and check Facebook. You can have a Facebook page for free up to 5000 followers. That’s the cheapest form of advertising out there.

Still not convinced about social media? Remember this – if people find you on the internet, they think you are legitimate. They will be more likely to see your studio as a real business and not “butter and egg money.”

4. Post Flyers

We know, we know – you’re not a circus! But, having a flyer posted at the local music store may bring in potential students. When people buy musical instruments or sheet music, they often look for someone who can teach private music. The music store will usually give references, pass out business cards, and post flyers for private studios. This works to their advantage because if their customers are happy, they keep upgrading instruments and buying music.

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5. Get to Know School Music Teachers

Many school music teachers give private lessons after school. That doesn’t mean they can’t be a great source of potential students for you! Teaching music in a public or private school setting is stressful, and often the teacher doesn’t have enough time or energy to do private lessons. Leave some business cards with the music teachers in your local school and tell them you would appreciate their overflow. Who knows, you may also find a gig accompanying the choir! It’s really hard to coordinate a PTA program, corral kids, AND accompany them, so you may be able to help out that way and “get in” with the music teacher. 

6. Tonara Connect

Tonara Connect is a platform enabling music students and teachers to find each other no matter where they are, what language they speak, or what instrument they’d like to learn.

With Connect, you can create a rich professional profile, complete with teaching preferences, availability, and media that students can discover.