A Music Education Revolution: Tonara Connect

Tonara Connect launch

“So you say you want a revolution… well, you know we all want to change the world”

Well, it’s time we all got in on the revolution that Tonara is bringing to music educators everywhere. Introducing TONARA CONNECT, a platform that enables music students and teachers to find each other no matter where they are, what language they speak, or what instrument they’d like to learn.

With Connect, music teachers can create a discoverable profile that students can find, and begin to take lessons. This gives the opportunity to teach online, or add new students to an existing local studio. Teachers can build a rich, professional profile that includes the instrument(s) they teach, teaching levels, language, location and more. On top of that, teachers can share their personality and teaching style with videos, images, and a repertoire of music. Teacher profiles will be listed in our ‘Find a Teacher’ marketplace for students to discover and make a connection.

Sample Profile on Tonara Connect

Teachers looking to expand beyond the limitations of location or availability especially stand to benefit from Connect. The way the platform is built, it will be easier than ever for students to find them and begin lessons. Based on profile richness, free trial offerings, reviews, and more teachers’ profiles will be ranked for visibility. Students will also be able to utilize the search filter option to find the teacher that matches their music learning needs.

Our hope with Connect is to bring music lovers and educators closer together in a way that serves both students and teachers. Taking the time to learn a new instrument is challenging enough, finding the teacher that will inspire and motivate shouldn’t be.

So, for all of you already benefitting from the capabilities of our Studio app, we invite you to take your studio to the next level and reach music students worldwide! If you’re new to Tonara, and you are a teacher, this is a great way to get to know us and to start benefitting from all Tonara has to offer.

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