4 Best Vocal Warm-Ups to Work On

Ask yourself this question: “What do I enjoy most--singing or warming up? If you’re honest with yourself, you will probably answer, “Well, singing, of course!” Performing is much more satisfying than the easiest vocal warm-up exercises.  When a runner prepares to run, even a short distance, she stretches and moves the joints as a matter […]

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Finishing Strong, TOGETHER

finish strong together

By Beth Horton There’s a common meme popping up in teaching groups this year - showing Bart Simpson and his pal Milhouse entering a cave together with the caption “veteran teachers mentoring first-year teachers during pandemic teaching ” and it is very clear that neither really knows what is in store for them. This image […]

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The Recital’s Over! Now what?

post recital season

As I write this, most American music students and teachers are entering the contest/recital time of the year. We spend lesson after lesson, practice time after practice time, preparing for performances that will help evaluate our progress over the past year. Normally, these performances are live, in front of either an audience or a judge, […]

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Practice Makes Permanent

music practice

Practice makes perfect. Well, not really. Vince Lombardi, arguably the most inspirational American football coach of all time said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”   Prac·tice  /ˈpraktəs/ transitive verb: to perform or work repeatedly so as to become proficient (practice the act): to train by repeated exercises   (practice pupils in […]

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