Pros and Cons of Piano as the First Instrument

piano as the first instrument

Instruments are a wonderful way to add creativity and joy to our lives. Creating music can be very therapeutic, and is proven to be a great hobby to take up no matter what stage of life you’re in. It is very common for parents to want their child to learn a musical instrument, and oftentimes the instrument of choice is the piano. The piano is often a top selection, as it can be relatively easy to begin with. Pianos are extremely versatile, and come in many sizes and styles. They range in price, and as a result, are quite accessible to a broad range of individuals. They are appealing to a wide variety of aspiring musicians, due to being relatively easy to learn. Another perk offered by pianos is that they allow the player to experiment with many different styles of music. This article will explore some of the pros and cons of choosing the piano as your first instrument, and hopefully make this decision a bit easier on you!


There are many reasons why the piano is considered to be the ideal instrument for musicians who are just starting out. For starters, it is considered to be a pretty easy instrument to begin with, and it doesn’t take long to feel like you’ve got the hang of it. This is great, as it will help encourage newer players to continue practicing and developing their skills. It can be very frustrating to learn a new skill, so it is essential to do whatever possible to help motivate the player. The more challenging, technical aspects of playing the piano will come with time, but it is relatively easy to play music that sounds nice from the get-go.

piano as the first instrument

Additionally, the piano is regarded as being the best option for teaching people musical theory, such as how to read sheet music. This is because of the natural layout of the keys, and can make learning much easier for those who are best taught visually. These theory skills can later be transferred over to a variety of other instruments, for players who may want to take on more than one instrument in the future.

Playing the piano also helps to teach and develop coordination skills, and allow the player to obtain better dexterity. These abilities - dexterity and coordination - are great skills to have, as they are also transferable to other areas of life in addition to creating music.


As with anything, the positives don’t come without some negatives. While the piano is generally a great starter instrument, it won’t suit all new players. Pianos are not very portable, which can be difficult if one is a part of a band, or will frequently need to be taking their instrument with them from place to place. While there are some portable options for digital keyboards, it is much more difficult to find a manageable piano.

Pianos can also be quite expensive - both as an initial purchase and in some cases, to maintain as well. A good piano will generally cost upwards of a few hundred dollars. Due to this, it is important to do your research before making any purchases, and perhaps even consult a professional to ensure you end up with a quality instrument without breaking the bank. Especially when starting out, you may be able to cut costs, as long as you intend on making an upgrade in the future.

choosing piano as the first intrument

Additionally, getting your piano serviced yearly can cost about $100 per tuning session. To help reduce maintenance costs, be sure to take good care of your instrument. This includes regular cleaning and inspections, as well as reducing the damage done to the instrument by factors such as temperature, humidity, or potentially damaging objects.


Hopefully, now you can decide if the piano is the best instrument for you, or perhaps even your child to begin learning. As you embark on this journey, keep in mind that there are so many other instrument options out there, and you should explore all the choices prior to making any decisions.

It is also advisable to look into whether or not music lessons are available in your area for the particular instrument you decide on. Music lessons can be essential to building a player’s confidence, as well as honing their playing abilities with the help of a professional player.

No matter what choice you end up making, you can rest assured that with enough time and dedication, you will be able to take pride in this new skill. If you’re set on a piano and still feeling unsure about where to look, here’s a comprehensive guide to first keyboard for kids to help steer you in the right direction.

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