From Distance Learning to Connected Learning: Rock Out Loud Live & Tonara

The world of music education is changing rapidly, and undergoing a massive digital transformation. Due to a paradigm shift and a pandemic, music educators have had to rethink how they teach music and how to engage their students from a distance.  

Tonara and Rock Out Loud share a common mission, to empower music teachers and students with the very best that technology can offer. Together, we look to make distance learning feel well, less distant! After all, connectivity is one of the best things to come out of technology and we are integrating our products to harness it. 


Tonara Studio, our flagship app equips music educators with the tools they need to streamline their lessons and assignments and keep their students motivated. It’s been hailed as a game-changer for studios and schools. Teachers feel that they can do more with their students and have peace of mind that all lessons and assignments are easily accessible. Students enjoy the fact that they can earn practice points and climb the leaderboard with their peers. Both parties enjoy the chat feature that allows for check-ins and encouragement from both teacher-to-student and peer-to-peer. 

Our more recent addition Tonara Connect makes it easier for music teachers and students to find each other with a global, music education marketplace. Teachers create professional profiles, telling the world of students what they are all about and how they can achieve their music learning goals. Our onboarding bot and algorithm helps students match with the right teacher for them, by understanding what they look to get out of their music lessons and what they look for in a teacher - a dream come true for any parent, or an adult student looking to begin a music learning journey. 

Rock Out Loud Live

When we learned about Rock Out Loud Live we were blown away. Wow! A video communication platform built for music educators with superior speed and sound quality than the likes of Zoom or Skype.  Rock Out Loud Live gives teachers and students a seamless online lesson experience complete with a robust library of sheet music, chord diagrams, an interactive whiteboard, and then some. What more could you ask for? If you haven’t tried it already, we encourage you to check out Rock Out Loud Live and see for yourself just how good it is! 

An Empowered Music Learning Journey

For us, collaboration was obvious. Together, we can provide a 360-degree music learning experience that meaningfully enhances every music lesson and keeps students engaged for the long-run. 

Here’s how we see it: 

Meet your teacher - Find the right teacher for your learning needs on Tonara Connect.

  1. Take lessons - Schedule your lesson and learn via the Rock Out Loud Live online music lesson room.
  2. Stay motivated - Receive assignments straight to your mobile phone with Tonara Studio, earn points for practice time and keep track of your progress.
  3. Communicate - Chat with your teacher and fellow students, ask questions, and share your practice sessions. 
  4. Celebrate - See how you’ve progressed and smile! Your hard work is paying off with every new lesson and practice session. 
  5. Repeat - Take your next lesson in your Rock Out Loud Live Lesson room and reach new music learning heights!  

Now we can say that we are truly moving music education forward. Join us!