Seven Easy Flute Songs for Beginners to Learn

easy flute songs

If you’re just beginning to explore the wonderful world of flute playing, you are likely very eager to search out the best music for beginners which includes, of course, easy flute songs. Music is made up of pitch - the actual sound of the note - and rhythm - how fast or slowly you move from one note to the next. Students just starting to play flute start with notes in the middle range of the flute that typically use simple fingerings. When selecting music for the flute, look for simple rhythms and pitches that move in steps or skips rather than in wide leaps.

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It is important when first starting to play the flute to focus on your air support. Having a constant stream of air and a properly set embouchure (the position of your mouth) is important for having a lovely tone quality while playing. Coordinating the movement of your tongue when starting the air (this is called articulation) with the movement of your fingers from note to note is also a good early skill to focus on. A great collection of flute music and easy exercises to learn to play that will help you build these skills is called Beginner’s Book for the Flute: Part 1, composed by Trevor Wye.

One final thing to keep in mind while learning any instrument is that good habits are just as easy to learn as bad habits. Make sure that you are focused on using excellent playing position when you practice. Hold your head high, shoulders back and relaxed and try to keep your flute parallel to the floor. Your fingers should be placed on the keys with a curved hand shape. Flute is sometimes difficult to balance when you are first playing but will get easier over time. Remember to relax and enjoy the fun of making music!

Here are seven easy songs for flute to help practice your new amazing flute skills:

1. Hot Cross Buns

This piece might be one of the very first songs you learn to play on flute. It uses just three notes - B-flat, A, and G which are often the first three notes students learn in flute music. Check out this helpful video for a demonstration:

2. Yankee Doodle

Another easy song for flute is Yankee Doodle. When you have learned a few more notes on your flute, you will be ready to play something a little more complex. Yankee Doodle is a fun American folk song that still uses simple rhythms and a small range of notes so you can continue to focus on your tone quality, embouchure and articulation. Here is a simple video tutorial to help you explore Yankee Doodle:

3. Jingle Bells

If you are learning your instrument during the winter holidays, an easy song for flute to learn is Jingle Bells. The chorus of Jingle Bells uses just five notes and the rhythms are not too complex. This is a great way to enjoy a festive time of year. Here is a link to purchase the sheet music:

4. Ode to Joy

When you are ready to dip your toes into the classics, it is time to enjoy learning Beethoven’s well-known melody from Symphony No. 9 known as Ode to Joy. Another easy flute song to play, Ode to Joy also uses simple rhythms and only five notes. Your family will be singing along to this popular melody when you play it for them. To help you get started, watch this great tutorial:

5. My Heart Will Go On

One of the most iconic uses of flute in pop music has to be My Heart Will Go On from the movie Titanic. This arrangement is perfect for beginners and is a really fun, easy song for flute! Enjoy recreating this famous scene with friends and supplying the epic soundtrack as well!

6. Over the Rainbow

When you are ready to begin expanding up into the higher notes of the flute range, Over the Rainbow is a lovely song to practice these new skills. This arrangement is still considered easy flute music but has all the beauty of the classic song. Get inspired by listening to the original performance:

7. Canon in D

As your skills continue to grow, you will soon be ready for this music for the flute. Often heard at weddings, Canon in D by Pachabel is beautiful to listen to when played on flute. Here’s a great arrangement that isn’t too difficult for when you are ready for a new challenge. Here is a performance with strings to motivate you:

Learning to play the flute might be hard at first, but it can also be very rewarding. These easy songs for flute will help the start of your musical journey be easier - and more fun! In addition to these pieces, having the best tools and music education apps really makes a difference. With Tonara Studio, your practice sessions are more engaging and fun. This motivation during practice will improve your playing and you will want to practice more and more.

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