8 Things to Be Thankful for This Season: Music Edition

being thankful this season

The holiday season is a time of wonder and joy, where we share memories and come together with friends and family after a long year. This year has been particularly difficult for everyone around the world. Families have been torn apart, our lives as we know it has changed permanently, and there has been much sadness and fear this year. But for every despair and hardship, we have endured, it will make this holiday season so much more memorable. We must cherish and be thankful for this time of the year.

Here are eight music-related things to appreciate and enjoy this season:

let your music journey begin

1. Technology

This year has been life-changing due to COVID, but imagine how much worse it would have been without our advances in technology. With the internet, we are able to keep in contact with the world despite our physical isolation. Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype allow us to connect with family, to chat with friends, to continue learning at school, and to maintain our music lessons. While we can all agree that virtual lessons are less fulfilling than working with our teachers live, it has allowed us to continue – or even begin – learning a wonderful life skill.

Of course, we all have our stories of WiFi failures, internet lag, power outages, and the now universal phrase of greeting each other over Zoom, “Can you hear me???” But technology has allowed us to continue things we love while in the comfort of our home, and I am sure everyone would agree that this is something to be thankful for.

2. Learning New Musical Skills

Although COVID has kept many of us at home, it has allowed many people to have time for hobbies or things they have always wished to do. There have actually been more people interested in learning music because they have the time to do so now, even despite the move to virtual learning. For music teachers and music lovers, this is a wonderful thing. People are embracing the art of music more and more, which not only teaches them a new skill, but also naturally improves their daily life.

learning new music skills

For those who have continued to keep music in their lives, you are constantly learning new skills and improving your current ones. Playing music is something that must be constantly done, and like all skills, is a journey of ups and downs. Remember your first love for music whenever you are frustrated in your lessons, and remember that diligence will prevail.

Be thankful for the chance to learn and improve your music skills.

3. New Instruments & Equipment

For some lucky people, this year has come with the gift of new instruments/equipment.

This can include a new set of headphones, speakers, audio equipment, instrument upgrade, or even an entirely new instrument!

piano, keyboard instruments

Instruments and equipment are expensive but can last us a lifetime if treated well. The grand piano in the living room has usually been passed down from generation to generation and is likely one of the most expensive things in the household. Instruments allow us to make music and are an essential part of music-making. If you are lucky enough to own your own instrument, remember to take care of it and cherish it so you can pass it down as well.

4. Holiday Music

We cannot have a holiday season without holiday music! Stores have already begun putting on their Christmas music, which really sets an atmosphere of festivities and joy. Students are beginning to look forward to learning Christmas tunes and end-of-the-year performances, which add additional excitement to their weekly lessons. At the next holiday event, try performing some holiday music for your friends and family! It will usher in the mood for celebration and bring people closer together.

5. Our Teachers

Teachers are our mentors, and it is important to have good teachers who can guide us to become better musicians and better people. Teachers on Tonara, for example, have been selected for their expertise and professionalism. We all aim to reach out to our students’ individual goals and musical needs, to work with our students as unique people. We love watching you all grow and improve, achieving new heights and new skills throughout the weeks and months and upcoming years.

6. Our Parents

scrabble game, loving parents

Unless you are an adult student, we must be thankful of those who support our music education. NONE of this would be possible – music lessons, instruments, books – without the help of our parents. Before the pandemic, they probably drove you to lessons every week, sitting in or nearby until, waiting to take you home afterward. They listen to us practice, help provide support and comfort in our frustrations, and give us encouragement while we prepare for recitals or competitions. They spend a lot of effort, time, and money for us to learn music!

7. Tonara

Tonara is a great platform that connects students with great teachers and makes the learning process extremely engaging. The Tonara Studio platform helps students in their weekly goals, keep in contact with their teacher, and push them to practice and do better. Let's not forget about the other music-related apps or websites that keep our love of music alive, such as YouTube, Spotify, IMSLP, and other websites. We are truly lucky to have all these resources just a finger-click away!

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8. The Gift of Music

Finally, we must all appreciate the gift of music itself. Music has the power to bring communities together, to heal those in pain and despair, and to bring life and hope to everyone it touches. Never forget the power of music, for it is a language that all can understand. Always keep music alive in your hearts and share the gift of music with others to bring out the best of this holiday season.

Remember this, it's always good to remember what you're thankful for, share your thanks with the ones you love and the things you love.