5 Signs You Are Meant to be a Teacher

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Has Anyone Ever Told You, You Were Meant to Be a Teacher?

It takes a lot to want to be a teacher, and even more to actually be one! When you were young, maybe you thought that being a teacher was really cool, or perhaps you connected with a teacher that helped you get through some difficult challenges and now you want to help others.

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Whatever your reasons, we've listed out some of the characteristics that we see in teachers every day. Here are 5 signs that you were meant to be a teacher:

1. Inspiring Others Makes your Heart Beat

Inspiring the people around you has always brought joy to your life and an extra beat in your heart. No matter if you are inspiring others with your advice, the person you are, or with your own music, the light that you see in someone when they 'get it' is exhilarating.

People want to know your opinion and they value it. They know that you are someone who they can always turn to no matter how small the matter may be.

2. You are Patient!

Your capacity for patience is incredible. You've always taken the time to help those around you understand new or different concepts, you care about the growth of those around you.

You’re also that type of person that can relate to everyone no matter what the situation is. Whether you can imagine what they are going through or you’ve gone through something similar yourself, you will always find a way to show them that you understand and can empathize with them.

3. You See Potential and Nurture It

You are the ultimate gardener! You can see potential in the smallest of seeds and know just how to help them flourish. Whether it's shaping your future or that of others, you are able to set short term and long term goals, plan ahead, and see that growth come to life!

The combination of the inspiration and patience you possess come together to make this possible. Is there anything that teachers can't do? We think not!

4. Playing Is In Your Nature

Playing music and learning a new piece brings you joy! Playing is not just about the instrument itself, but also about taking on a new challenge, learning something new, and the sense of accomplishment that follows. Through your lessons, you are able to impart that feeling to your students. From you, they understand that the effort put into improving is hard work but can also elicit joy along the way. Your students understand just how to enjoy the learning process and the results from you, their best example!

5. You Want to See Others Succeed

The success of others makes you smile, and you appreciate what it took for them to get to where they are. Whether it is a student, a colleague, or a friend, you are rooting for them and always ready to help them achieve their goals.

The success of your students is strongly tied to your own and that's what makes you a great teacher. You've been able to take something that comes naturally to you and build an entire set of skills dedicated to that purpose.

What Makes You, You!

All of these things are not only indicators that you are meant to be a music teacher, they are what make you a great human being. The patience, potential, inspiration, and drive that you possess are remarkable, and not often seen in other professions.

We hope that you take this piece as a reminder of why you do what you do and how it is a part of who you are.

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