Tonara Studio: Academy

How do I add a student for my teacher?tonara studio 1

Follow the same steps you would when adding a student to your personal studio

Here are the steps for you to add a student to one of your teachers in your school

  1. Go to My School
  2. Click on Add Student
  3. Choose the teacher, from the dropdown list, that the student is studying with
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. First and last name
    2. Instrument
    3. Lesson Details:
      1. A link to an online meeting room (if applicable)
      2. The start date
      3. Time of the lesson
      4. Duration of the lesson
      5. Lesson notes
      6. Lesson repetition
      7. Location of the lesson
      8. Price of the lesson
  5. Click Create Profile

The student’s account will then be created and you’ll be presented with their username and password. You can share this directly with the student or teacher, or copy the link that’s provided and send it to the student directly. This link will allow the student to download the app and login.