Tonara Connect: Getting Started

How do I get started with Tonara Connect?

If you are new to Tonara, start by creating your account. If you already use the Tonara Studio app, you can log in with the same credentials in Tonara Connect. 

Find Your Teacher

Now that you’re inside the marketplace you can look through hundreds of qualified music teachers and filter the options based on the instrument, language, availability, price, and more.

Learning Groups

If you aren’t ready or don’t have time for one-on-one lessons, you can find a learning group that allows you to learn at your own pace with new material made available every week and the support of a real teacher and learning peers. This is a great, affordable way to start learning music! 

Music Learning Resources

When you aren’t learning music or looking for your teacher, you can enjoy a rich feed of music learning resources curated by our team of music professionals.

Welcome to Tonara and enjoy being a part of a worldwide community of learners!