Tonara Connect: Lessons

I received a lesson request, what now?c

Congratulations! Now that you’ve received a request, here’s what you can do:

After receiving the request for either a Free Trial, Private Lesson, Ongoing Support Subscription, or any other request, you have the following action options:

Note – All requests will expire if not answered within 3 days.


Approve – you can approve the request which will then be reflected on both your side and the student’s side.

Reject – once receiving a request you can choose to reject a lesson, no matter the reason.

Expire – you have up to 3 days to either reject or approve a request when it’s first sent. If you pass the 3 days without taking any action, the request will expire and the student will need to send the request again in order to work with you.

Reschedule – If a lesson is canceled on your end, the students end, or it expires, you can always reschedule for another date and time. We recommend that you reach out to the student via chat to discuss the details of the lesson.

Partial Approval – Once a student books a group of lessons (either 5 or 10 additional sessions) you can choose to accept all of the lessons, reject all of the lessons, or partially approve the lessons. With partial approval, you can approve some of the lessons and reject the others. For example, with a set of 10 lessons, you can approve 6 and reject 4.


When you’re ready to approve a request, remember to first connect your Rock Out Loud account to your profile

  1. The new request will appear in the Scheduled Events section under My Requests
  2. If you haven’t yet, you’ll need to connect your Rock Out Loud account to Tonara Connect.
  3. Click on the Confirm button

The requested lesson or subscription has now been approved by you and is scheduled for the time the student requested.


It’s also important to check where the lesson will be held. You can choose from the following places to hold music lessons:

  • Your home (the teacher’s home)
  • The student’s home
  • A conservatory
  • A private Studio
  • Online