Tonara Studio: Practice Sessions

Can practice sessions be recorded?tonara studio 2

All practice sessions can be recorded!

Although it’s not required to record a practice session, it’s certainly an option! Here’s how you can record a session…

  1. Tap on the Assignment
  2. Tap on Start Practice
  3. Within the blue practice screen, tap on the microphone in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. When the recording is completed, tap on the microphone icon again to save the recording in your Media tab.
    1. Another way to end the recording is by taping on the pause button, and then the finish button. This will also save the recording in the Media tab

When the practice is completed, head to the list of assignments, tap on the Media tab, and you’ll find the most recent recording at the top of the list.

Recordings are a great way for students to listen to their own playing, and to share it with their teacher so they can get feedback and continue to improve in their training!