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How do I sign up for a paid subscription?

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Signing up for a Paid Subscription

ROLL pricing plan

7-Day FREE Trial before you are billed. You may cancel your subscription at any time and there are NO CONTRACTS.

✅ Single Teacher License: This allows you to use the RockOutLoud.Live platform and use our exclusive PDF Uploader which allows you to select a PDF on your computer and it will be sent to your student in Real-Time. Your Student will be able to download this PDF file you uploaded and save it to their computer, laptop, Chromebook, or mobile device.

✅ You will also have a Custom URL* (Your Own Room ID) of your own Teaching Room which will last the lifetime of your membership. Once you send this Custom URL to your students you will not have to send it again unless you decide to change your Custom URL.

✅ 7-Day Free Trial with the ability to Cancel at any time.

✅ Access to our 20+Terabyte database of sheet music and tablature. All sheet music is licensed through Rock Out Loud and is available to share among your students.
✅ A Music Teachers Annotation Toolbar. Our exclusive Custom Annotations Toolbar will allow you to open a whiteboard inside your Virtual Music Lesson. You will be able to upload PDF’s into the whiteboard and annotate the PDF with our Annotation Tools.  Our Custom Annotation Toolbar will allow you to pull up staves of Treble and Bass Clef,  notate and compose inside the whiteboard. Tablature saves for Guitar and Bass Guitar will be available as well as Blank Chord Charts for Guitar and Ukulele.

✅ Access to our Exclusive Enhanced Audio Recognition (E.A.R.) technology which offers the lowest possible latency available on the Internet. Our E.A.R. technology.

*What is a Custom URL? A Custom URL is a link you send your students to join the Virtual Music Lesson. A Custom URL will look like this:

Please be sure there are NO Capital Letters and NO SPACES in your Custom URL. These are LINKS that are sent to your students. The Internet will NOT recognize spaces.

❌ This will NOT work: https://rockoutloud.clive/join/My Music School
✅ This is how it must look: https://rockoutloud.clive/join/mymusicschool

For more help, you can go to Rock Out Loud Help Center