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How do I sign up for a single or multi-instrument account?

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Signing Up for a Single or Multi-Instrument Account.

Signing up for an account requires you do it on a Web Browser on a
computer, laptop or Chromebook.

You CANNOT Sign Up on a Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone or Android)

Clicking on the SIGN-UP link in the MENU will bring you to the Create an Account Page.

Selecting a Single Teacher License will prompt you to select the Instrument you will be teaching.

Selecting a Multi-Instrument License will select all of the available Instruments. This option was created for teachers who teach more than one instrument. *

*Note that all 6 rooms are selected by default. These options are included in the Multi-Instrument License and cannot be removed. If you do not need these instruments simply do not use them.

Once you’ve selected your plan, hit NEXT

Here you will enter your Credit Card Info. Credit Cards are NOT stored on our servers.

Your Credit Card will NOT be charged until the 8th Day. If you get a notification from your Credit Card Company about a charge, it is a verification that you have a valid card on file and you will not be charged until the 8th day (after your 7-Day Free Trial). You can cancel any time before the 8th day and you will not be charged.

For more help, you can go to Rock Out Loud Help Center