Rock Out Loud Live

As a teacher, how do I get started with Rock Out Loud Live?

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It’s easy to get started with Rock Out Loud!

  1.  Please be sure you sign up for an account on a computer and NOT a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.).
  2. You MUST use a computer to access the Teacher Platform of
    RockOutLoud.Live. Mobile Devices can ONLY BE USED BY YOUR  STUDENTS by installing the ROCKOUTLOUD app found in the App Store or Google Play!
  3. The RockOutLoud.Live Platform can be used on a PC, Mac, Laptop or
    Chromebook running Google Chrome.
  4. Are you using Google Chrome?
  5. If you are not using Google Chrome on your PC, Mac, Laptop or Chromebook please download and install it HERE.
  6. The RockOutLoud.Live application will NOT work on any other browser (I.E. Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, etc.).

If you are a Teacher using the RockOutLoud.Live platform, you will not be able to run this application on any Mobile Devices. Due to the number of resources you have inside the application the only way a teacher can use the RockOutLoud.Live app is by using Google Chrome on a PC, Mac, Laptop, or Chromebook.

For more help, you can go to Rock Out Loud Help Center