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I need help with troubleshooting the connection.

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Troubleshooting Poor Video and Audio Connections

If you or your students are suffering from a poor WIFI connection, please try the following:

incognito browser1. This may be the most common issue with Student Connectivity: You MUST confirm your student is using Google Chrome if they are on a computer. To do this ask your student to go to the right side of their Web Browser and click on the 3 Dots in the right corner and select New Incognito Window*. A good indication they are NOT using Google Chrome, this option will not be available for them to see as it does not appear in Safari, Edge or Firefox.

*A New Incognito Windows Opens up a new Google Chrome Window and removes all Extensions that may have been added by the owner of the computer. It is recommended to use ‘Incognito Mode’ for the best Virtual Music Lesson Experience.

  1. If your student is using a mobile device, they MUST download the RockOutLoud Application. Often a student will receive a link to your (Teaching Room ID) and will open it in Safari on their mobile device. Be sure they run this from the RockOutLoud App found in the App Store or in Google Play. Running the RockOutLoud application (on Mobile Devices) is the only way the student will be able to properly connect to your room. If they are not using the RockOutLoud app you will see poor network connectivity in your Network Statistics. That is a good indication that they are NOT running the Mobile Application on their device to connect.
  2. Ask your student to move to a different location. Moving closer to a Router or Wireless Access Point would help increase their speed.
  3. Ask your student if anyone in their home is streaming Netflix, watching YouTube or Streaming any Video. This will cause network congestion and will affect the connection significantly.
  4. Does your student have an Email Application running on their computer as they are online with you? Email Applications will ‘pull’ data every 30 seconds or so which will affect the bandwidth significantly. *An indicator of this is when your Bitrate begins to fluctuate every 20-30 seconds.
  5. Can your student connect an Ethernet Cable? While we realize running an Ethernet Cable is not always possible, it is the best way to experience an exceptional connection.
  6. If your student is experiencing a poor Upload Bitrate Connection (you have a Download and Upload Bitrate). The 2nd number is your Upload Bitrate. Often cable companies will provide you a lower Bitrate connection for Upload speeds. They do this because most Internet users will spend most of their time downloading (I.E. watching Netflix, YouTube and Online Streaming requires downloading and not uploading). Calling your Internet provider and upgrading your upload speed will make a significant difference in your Virtual Lesson Experience.

For more help, you can go to Rock Out Loud Help Center