Tonara Connect: Getting Started

What types of lessons are offered in Tonara Connect?

      • Private Lessons are one-on-one lessons between the student and teacher. They can be held online or in-person and at various intervals depending on what you arrange with the teacher. Lesson fees are shown per lesson on Tonara Connect, but once the student connects with the teacher, they may have their own studio policies regarding scheduling and payment.
      • Ongoing Support packages give the student the option to work with a teacher without holding a live lesson. Support can happen via chat messaging in Tonara Connect or Tonara Studio where teachers can send audio and video recordings and text messages. The teacher can also send detailed assignments and track the practice progress. The teacher will communicate with their students directly what their ongoing support package includes.

Learning Groups

Learning groups are a convenient, affordable way to learn a new instrument at your own pace. In your group, you will receive course materials on a weekly basis, and the ongoing support of a real teacher and learning peers to help you stay motivated and engaged. You will be able to tune in and practice when it’s good for you and engage with the group when you have a question or something to share.