Tonara Connect: Learning Groups

What are the benefits of learning groups?c

Here are a few of the benefits…

    1. Motivation: A group that plays together stays together! Working within a group of people can create a greater sense of motivation towards a common goal.
    2. Inspiration: Learning with others can help you envision your own potential. When you are in a group with someone a bit more advanced than you, you can start to picture yourself playing at that level, and then you can help others.
    3. Connectivity: Learning groups allow you the opportunity to connect with others and find greater fulfillment in learning music along the way.
    4. Affordability: Learning groups are simply more affordable. This will help you ease into learning a new instrument before committing to individual weekly lessons. 
    5. Convenience: You decide when and how often you want to spend learning the guitar, the piano, violin, or singing your heart out!