Tonara Connect: Getting Started

What do I need to get set up to take online lessons?teacher connecting with students

You’ll need the following equipment to take online lessons:

  • ¬†Computer or mobile device
  • Camera and microphone – most devices have these built-in.
  • Reliable internet connection
  • An account with a video conferencing platform – of your teacher’s choosing

Helpful tips:

  • It is best to have a bigger screen such as on a tablet or laptop if possible.
  • Depending on the instrument, you should place your device in a way that your teacher can see you play.¬†
  • Lighting – Before your first lesson, do a trial run to find the best spot so that your teacher can see you clearly.
  • Make sure your internet is reliable. You can check your internet speed here: and connect with your provider for any upgrades or optimizations.