Tonara Studio: Assignments

What’s a Compare Recording Assignment?tonara studio 1

The Compare Recording Assignment is a very unique assignment where our unique Artificial Intelligence will compare your students playing to your recording and provide feedback.

To create a Compare Recording Assignment, you’ll need to first either upload a 1 minute recording that you’ve already made or create a new one. The recording should contain the section of the piece that your student will need to play.

Once you’ve entered the details of the assignment, practice time goals, instructions, and other attachments, you can send the assignment to your student!

When your student gets the assignment they will listen to your recording and will need to play it back as close to your recording as possible. When they finish, they will receive feedback, from our AI technology, comparing their Pitch, Rhythm, Tempo, and Fluency to your recording.

Finally, your student can share their recording with you to get more feedback from you to see where they need to improve!