Manage Your Music Students

With Tonara, you can spend more time doing what you love most, teaching music! ‘Tonara Studio’ is a comprehensive music education platform that is here to help you with the management of your music lessons studio or school, all the while keeping your students engaged and motivated.

Teacher Experience


A one-stop-shop platform to manage your students’ progress and motivate them to practice.


Manage all your events including lessons, recitals, birthdays, vacations, and more.


Teachers can create and organize lessons (current and future) for their students including setting up goals, summary notes, and more.


Send your students assignments with compare recordings, videos, voice notes, and textual notes to help them practice in-between lessons.


Track your students’ weekly, monthly, and yearly progress. Set goals and watch your students reach them.


Connect with your students with fun stickers, celebrate musical milestones together, and send encouraging notes.


Students earn points the more they practice and can climb the leaderboard. Plus, the more assignments they complete the more stickers they unlock!


All your media stored in one easy place. Just drag & drop all your audio recordings, videos, PDFs, images, and more.


Pull pre-created assignments from an ever-growing library or create new smart assignments for your students.

  • Studio Management

    Managing a music studio or school can be cumbersome at times which is why we’ve created features that help you manage it all with ease so that you have more time to focus on teaching music.

    With Tonara Studio, you can schedule lessons, add notes, create and send assignments and track your students’ progress on the assignments.

  • Assignments

    Practice assignments are critical to the progress of music students and allow them to take part in their own success. You can send your students assignments with different types of attachments including recordings, videos, images, PDF files, and more.

    The best part is, you will be able to see how far along each student is with their assignments and how they have progressed. Assignments can also easily be duplicated and carried over to the following week when concentrating on a particular piece or skill or even copied to the repertoire to be used later on.

  • ‘Compare Recording’ Assignment

    Compare Recording is a unique type of assignment based on our patent AI technology. Teachers are able to record themselves playing a piece, send it to their student, and then have the student play it back. While the student plays the piece, our artificial intelligence technology will listen to their playing and compare it to the teacher’s piece.

    At the end of the practice session, students will receive real-time feedback on their fluency, pitch, rhythm, and tempo.

  • Messaging

    With Studio’s messaging capabilities, you can communicate in-between lessons to help students better understand what they need to work on, and provide some encouragement along the way.

    Messaging capabilities on Tonara consist of one-on-one messaging (teacher-student, teacher-parent), group chats, and one-way communication channels for special updates from the teacher.

  • Support & Encouragement

    Music students benefit from the support and encouragement they receive from their teachers, parents, and each other.
    Using Tonara, you can send encouraging messages in between lessons, give extra challenges to earn more points, and more.
    Students are able to ask you questions about lessons and practice techniques, and even reach out to their studio peers.