True Grit

By Marilyn Floyd Do you ever wonder why some students seem to have rhythm while others struggle? As teachers, it's easy to see who has a natural aptitude and who doesn't. Humans are born with certain talents, and these remain fairly stable throughout our lives.  They have little to do with knowledge, experience, culture, or […]

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Finishing Strong, TOGETHER

finish strong together

By Beth Horton There’s a common meme popping up in teaching groups this year - showing Bart Simpson and his pal Milhouse entering a cave together with the caption “veteran teachers mentoring first-year teachers during pandemic teaching ” and it is very clear that neither really knows what is in store for them. This image […]

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Creating a Toolbox for Musical Improvisation

musical improvisation

While “noodling” on an instrument may seem random, it can often lead to some interesting discoveries. Noodling is improvisation at its roots, the art of creating music on the spot and without preparation.   Musical improvisation and dramatic improv are similar. Drama, like music, involves interpreting others’ written material, requires knowledge of the material, begs for […]

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