Embrace the Experience

By Lou Ann Pope, Tonara Creative Education Specialist One of my favorite radio shows is John Tesh’s Intelligence for Your Life. I have learned so many interesting tidbits, but the best piece of advice is “Don’t buy your children things; give them experiences.” So started the first of many trips with my three children. Instead […]

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True Grit

By Marilyn Floyd Do you ever wonder why some students seem to have rhythm while others struggle? As teachers, it's easy to see who has a natural aptitude and who doesn't. Humans are born with certain talents, and these remain fairly stable throughout our lives.  They have little to do with knowledge, experience, culture, or […]

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Finishing Strong, TOGETHER

finish strong together

By Beth Horton There’s a common meme popping up in teaching groups this year - showing Bart Simpson and his pal Milhouse entering a cave together with the caption “veteran teachers mentoring first-year teachers during pandemic teaching ” and it is very clear that neither really knows what is in store for them. This image […]

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